Kenwood Major Whisk Stainless Steel (KW716840)


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Compatible with the below models:

Type: KMM770 Type: KVL4100S Type: KVL4180S Type: KMM07570
Type: KM005 Type: KVL8300S Type: KVL4230S Type: KMT056
Type: KMP04 Type: KVL8470S Type: KVL8430S Type: KMT057
Type: KMP770 Type: KVL4170S Type: KVL8472S Type: KMT167
Type: KMM023 Type: KVL4110S Type: KVL4120S Type: KMM075
Type: KMM020 Type: KVL4100W Type: KVL8350S Type: KMT166
Type: KVL6010T Type: KVL4170W Type: KVL4154S Type: KVL6300S
Type: KVL6000T Type: KVL6330S Type: KVL6324S Type: KVL6100S
Type: KVL6030T Type: KVL8460S Type: KVL6010S Type: KVL6170S
Type: KVL6040T Type: KVL8400S Type: KMM025 Type: KVL6320S
Type: KVL6050T Type: KVL4140S Type: KMM060 Type: KVL6370S
Type: KVL6020T Type: KVL4220S Type: KMM063 Type: KVL6420S
Type: KVL8320S Type: KVL8361S Type: KMM065 Type: KVL6410S


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