Philips Replacement Basket Holder For Airfryer Charcoal (HD9220/31-HD9217) (420303621621)


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Philips Replacement Basket Holder For Airfryer (HD9220/31-HD9217) (420303621621)

From French fries and spring rolls, to meat and poultry, and even small cakes – if you can cook it in the oven or in the deep fryer, you can probably make it in the Airfryer. Using Philips’ patented Rapid Air technology, the Airfyer super heats air and swirls it in the belly of the compact appliance, cooking, frying, and baking food quickly and easily, with little or no oil necessary.

  • Replacement basket holder for the Philips airfryer
  • No need to replace your airfryer when your basket holder is looking tired

Please use the below guides to confirm attachment compatibility:

Philips Airfryer Guide 1

Philips Airfryer Guide 2