Kenwood Food Processor Drive Shaft – Grey (KW686921)


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Compatible with the following models:

FP720 FP734
FP732 FP735
FP905 FP736
DFP735 FP910
DFP950 FP920
FP723 FP921
FP730 FP925
FP733 FP950

Check Code Below:

Code: 0WFP720001 Code: 0WFP735005 Code: 0WFP921001
Code: 0WFP723005 Code: 0WFP735009 Code: 0WFP925002
Code: 0WFP730001 Code: 0WFP735010 Code: 0WFP950002
Code: 0WFP731001 Code: 0WFP736001 Code: 0WFP950005
Code: 0WFP732001 Code: 0WFP905002 Code: 0WFP950011
Code: 0WFP733002 Code: 0WFP910005 Code: 0WFP950012
Code: 0WFP734002 Code: 0WFP920002 Code: 0WFP950013
Code: 0WFP735002 Code: 0WFP920005 Code: 0WFP950014


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