Kenwood Food Processor Pusher (KW715707)


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Compatible with the following models with code:

Code: 0W22000004
Name: FDM781

Code: 0W22011016
Name: FDM790

Code: 0W22011018
Name: FDM790BA

Code: 0W22011015
Name: FDM791

Code: 0W22011012
Name: FDM796

Code: 0W22010007
Name: FDP601WH

Code: 0W22010006
Name: FDP603WH

Code: 0W22010002
Name: FDP613WH

Code: 0W22010004
Name: FDP623WH

Code: 0W22010018
Name: FDP600BK

Code: 0W22011017
Name: FDM780

Code: 0W22000003
Name: FDM781

Code: 0W22011013
Name: FDM785

Code: 0W22011014
Name: FDM786

Code: 0W22011020
Name: FDM788


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