Kenwood Juice Extractor (AWAT641B01)


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With this fast juicer, breakfast is about to get a whole lot more exciting. With a feed tube able to take a whole apple, any fruit is good to juice. With its clean pouring spout and foam filter, all you get is juice, pure and simple – and no bits. What a great way to get your five a day!

Compatible with the following Models:

Type: KVL4100W Type: KPL9000S Type: KM010 Type: KM250 Type: KM410 Type: KM635
Type: KVL4170W Type: KVL6000T Type: KM011 Type: KM290 Type: KM416 Type: KM636
Type: KVL4154S Type: KMM770 Type: KM013 Type: KM300 Type: KM417 Type: KM640
Type: KVL4120S Type: KMM715 Type: KM020 Type: KM310 Type: KM440 Type: KM646
Type: KVL4100S Type: KMM710 Type: KM021 Type: KM315 Type: KM460 Type: KM800
Type: KVC3000S Type: A900CHEF Type: KM023 Type: KM316 Type: KM500 Type: KM810
Type: KVC3100S Type: A900MAJOR Type: KM030 Type: KM330 Type: KM502 Type: KM816
Type: KVL4110S Type: KM001 Type: KM040 Type: KM331 Type: KM506 Type: KM840
Type: KVL4140S Type: KM002 Type: KM200 Type: KM335 Type: KM600 Type: KMC500
Type: KVL4170S Type: KM003 Type: KM201 Type: KM336 Type: KM610 Type: KMC505
Type: KVL4180S Type: KM005 Type: KM210 Type: KM340 Type: KM615 Type: KMC510
Type: KVL4220S Type: KM006 Type: KM220 Type: KM346 Type: KM630 Type: KMC550
Type: KVL4230S Type: KM007 Type: KM230


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