Kenwood Knife Blade In Guard (KW712591)


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Compatible with the following models:

– FP970
– FP971
– FP972
– FP973
– FP979
– FP980
– FPM900
– FPM901
– FPM902
– FPM910

Check Code Below:

Code: 0W22011001 Code: 0W22011006 Code: 0WFP970001 Code: 0WFP972006
Code: 0W22011002 Code: 0W22011007 Code: 0WFP970002 Code: 0WFP973002
Code: 0W22011003 Code: 0W22011008 Code: 0WFP971006 Code: 0WFP979002
Code: 0W22011004 Code: 0W22011009 Code: 0WFP972001 Code: 0WFP980001
Code: 0W22011005 Code: 0W22011019 Code: 0WFP972002 Code: 0WFP980005


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