Kenwood Multi-Mill Complete – Grey (KW715001)



Compatible with the following models:

– FPP239
– FPP238
– FPP235
– FPP234
– FPP230
– FPP226
– FPP225
– FPP220
– FPP215
– FPP210
– FPM260
– FPM250

Check Code Below:

Code: 0WFPP23907 Code: 0WFPP21004 Code: 0WFPP23007 Code: 0WFPM27001 Code: 0WFPM25005
Code: 0WFPP23906 Code: 0WFPP21002 Code: 0WFPP23006 Code: 0WFPM26006 Code: 0WFPM25003
Code: 0WFPP23506 Code: 0WFPP21001 Code: 0WFPP23005 Code: 0WFPM26002 Code: 0WFPM25002
Code: 0WFPP23502 Code: 0WFPM27005 Code: 0WFPP23002 Code: 0WFPM26001 Code: 0WFPM25001
Code: 0WFPP23402 Code: 0WFPM27002 Code: 0WFPP22504 Code: 0WFPM25006 Code: 0W22010014
Code: 0WFPP22502 Code: 0WFPP22501 Code: 0WFPP22002 Code: 0WFPP22001 Code: 0WFPP21501


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