Kenwood Spaghetti Cutter Attachment (KAX984ME)


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Kenwood Spaghetti Cutter Attachment (KAX984ME)

Spaghetti (square) – 2 mm width

Compatible with:

-Chef KVC3100 series
-Chef XL KVL4100 series
-Chef Sense KVC50 series
-Chef XL Sense KVL6 series
-Chef XL Elite KVL6300
-Chef XL Titanium KVL8300
-Cooking Chef KCC9040

Effortless Pasta Cutting

Experience consistent and effortless pasta cutting with the spaghetti cutter kitchen machine attachment. The durable stainless steel body cutter can feed through large quantities of pasta dough, creating the perfect 2mm width pasta.

Fresh Spaghetti

Enjoy creating fresh pasta dishes at home. The spaghetti cutter simplifies the process by doing the hard work for you. Allowing you more time to discover making authentic great tasting pasta dishes.

Attachments and capacities

-Outlet: Slow speed outlet

General specifications

-Material: Stainless steel
-Model: AW20011032

This attachment features the Twist Connection System
Adaptor KAT001ME (AW20011006) is required for operation on all (KM/KMM/KMC Kitchen Machines)
No adaptor required for KVL and KVC Models


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