Kenwood Sprializer Attachment (KAX700PL)


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Kenwood Sprializer Attachment (KAX700PL)

A twist on everyday meals

The Spiralizer Attachment allows you to quickly and easily transform family favourites into healthy, tasty replacements. Simply fit to your Kitchen Machine, and watch your favourite fruits and vegetables turn into delicious spirals, noodles and ribbons.

Try something new

The attachment comes with five different blades, giving you the flexibility to create a variety of dishes.

Pappardelle Cutting Cone – Create thick cucumber and carrot ribbons for healthy salads.

Linguine Cutting Cone – Mix thin, linguine-style noodles with prawns and carbonara sauce for a delicious midweek meal.

Spaghetti Cutting Cone – Serve spiralized butternut squash or courgette with bolognaise sauce for a healthy family dinner.

Tagliatelle Cutting Cone – Top sweet tarts with thick ribbons of apple for a twist on classic desserts.

Crinkle Cutting Cone – Dish-up spiralized sweet potato fries with fish or chicken for a dinner that will be loved by all.

Twist Fit Attachment

* Pappardelle (Flat Blade) Cutting Cone: To create thick ribbons
* Linguine Cutting Cone 2 x 4mm: To create thin vegetable style noodles
* Spaghetti Cutting Cone 2 x 2mm: To create thin vegetale style noodles
* Tagliatelle Cutting Vone 2 x 9mm: To create thick vegetable

This attachment features the Twist Connection System and is designed to fit directly on the latest generation Kenwood Chef models (identified as KVC, KVL and KCC series).

This attachment features the Twist Connection System
Adaptor KAT001ME (AW20011006) is required for operation on all (KM/KMM/KMC Kitchen Machines)
No adaptor required for KVL and KVC Models


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