Kenwood ThermoResist Glass Blender 1.6L (KAH359GL)


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Code: AW22000005

Blend hot soups and even the thickest ice cold smoothies with this glass blender stand mixer attachment complete with handy stir stick.
This ThermoResistâ„¢ glass blender allows you to switch between hot and cold mixes without the slightest risk of shattering or clouding, perfect for creating hearty soups and ice cold drinks.
A great stand mixer attachment that can be used on all Chef and Chef XL kitchen machines, even Cooking Chef.

Compatible with:
-Classic KM330
-Chef KVC3100 series
-Premier KMC510
-Premier Major KMM770
-Chef Sense KVC50 series
-Chef XL Sense KVL6 series
-Chef XL Sense KQL6200 series
-Chef XL Elite KVL6300
-Chef XL Titanium KVL8300
-Titanium Major KMM025
-Cooking Chef KCC9040
-Cooking Chef KM080


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