Philips Shaving Heads 7000 Series (SH70)


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Philips SH70 Replacement Blades For 7000 Series (SH70/70)
Smooth glide, sensitive shave
-GentleTrack blades enable a close, skin-friendly shave
-Super Lift & Cut shaver for a comfortably close shave

Easy to use
-Replacement reminder
-Easy to replace shaving heads
-Reset your shaver after replacing shaving heads
-Reset your shaver to new


GentleTrack Precision Blades
-The newly designed blades comfortably cut hairs in the most optimal cutting position, thereby reducing irritation caused by tugging and pulling.

Super Lift & Cut Action
-The dual blade system built into our electric shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shaving experience.

Replacement reminder
-The latest Philips shavers have an inbuilt replacement reminder in the form of a shaving unit symbol. This symbol will light up and indicate you when to replace shaving heads.

Simple replacement
1. Open the shaver by pressing the “release” button;
2. Remove the retainer by turning the lock counterclockwise
3. Take out the old shaving heads and carefully insert replacements. Check that the heads align exactly in the setting
4. Replace the retainer and secure it by turning the lock clockwise
5. When you close the shaving head properly, you will hear it click into place.

How to reset your shaver
-After replacing shaving heads, you can reset the replacement reminder by pressing the on/off button for more than 7 seconds. Otherwise, replacement trigger will turn off automatically after 9 successive shaves.

Reset your shaver to new
-To get back to 100% performance, replace your shaving heads every 2 years.

Shaving heads
-Fits product type: Shaver series 7000 (S7xxx)

-Usage: Use cleaning spray HQ110


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