Philips Shaving Heads (HQ8)



Philips Shaving Heads (HQ8) has been replaced by Philips Shaving Heads (SH50)

Philips Shaving Heads 5000 Series (SH50)


Keep a close shave
Change heads every 12 months for best results
Every year your blades travel the height of Mt. Everest… 49 times! After such a workout, even
the best materials can lose their edge. Retain your shaver’s peak performance – replace
heads every 12 months.
Comfortably close

Compatible with the following models:
HQ6075 HQ8445
HQ6090 HQ8825
HQ6095 HQ8830
HQ7100 HQ8845
HQ7120 HQ8850
HQ7140 HQ8865
HQ7150 HQ8870
HQ7180 HQ8875
HQ7200 HQ8880
HQ7240 HQ8885
HQ7290 HQ8890
HQ7800 HQ8894
HQ7360 HQ7320


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